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About us

BRIKLIS is one of the traditional, quality and respected European manufacturers of briquetting presses for processing of combustible and metal materials. We have already produced more than 4,000 briquetting machines that works in industry, agriculture and craft production. We export 60% of our production to more than 30 countries worldwide. We have built the most advanced technologies in Brazil, India, China and Mongolia.

Our strategy

The principle for BRIKLIS’ business strategy is to be close to the customer at all times, offering tailor-made products and solving their requirements and problems. It is not important whether the customer wants to briquetting wood, straw, paper or metals. We can briquette most of the required waste materials. We do not differentiate between small capacity equipment and expensive technology.

Our history

  • 1991
    Prototype production of the HLS 100 press for the processing of joinery waste. Record of BRIKLIS, spol. s r.o. . Ing. Medek and Ing. Šmejkal are managing directors of the company
  • 1992
    Production of the first series of HLS 100 presses. Production of the BUS sawdust dryer for drying sawmill waste, BRISUR lines
  • 1993
    blankRelocation of production to Slapy near Tábor. Briquetting presses HLS 50, HLS 200 for processing of woodworking waste
  • 1995 – Woodworking Industry Professionals Award
    This year we won our first award
  • 1996
    Briquetting press HLS 25 and Briquetting press HLS METAL for the processing of metalworking chips
  • 1997
    Ing. Václav Čabelka became the third partner of the company
  • 2001
    blankFrank Höcker, owner of the German company Höcker Polytechnik, became the fourth partner of the company. Briquetting Press HLS 15
  • 2003

    Briquetting presses BrikStar 30, 50 for joinery waste, new type series

  • 2005
    Relocation of the company to its own newly built premises in Malšice
  • 2008 – GRAND PRIX FOR WASTE 2008
    for the HLS METAL briquetting press. On 15 April 2008 in Prague, the expert jury awarded the best exhibit of the fair
  • 2009 – GRAND PRIX FOR WASTE 2009
    On 29 September 2015 in Prague, the expert jury awarded the best exhibit of the fair
  • 2009
    Establishment of a training, development and testing centre
  • 2011
    blankBriquetting press BrikStar EK, the smallest and most sold
  • 2012
    Briquetting press iSwarf, the new generation of the press for metal briquetting
  • 2015
    Obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Construction of new warehouses
  • 2015 VODAFONE Company of the Year / 2015 Responsible Company of the Year 2015 of the South Bohemian Region
  • 2016

    New laser workplace for material cutting, start of test operation. Building of a demonstration and test centre for metal pressing. VZ 800 tipping device for bulk material handling

  • 2017
    BRIKLIS has created a WCM centre for waterjet and laser cutting
  • 2020
    blankWe have patented a unique design of the ARTEP crusher
  • 2020
    30 years of the company's existence on the market



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