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Metal waste

Today, metal waste is already a valuable raw material that can be efficiently recovered and recycled.

And how?

By installing a briquetting press or briquetting line.


Possibility to rent some types of machines for testing in your operation

What do you get?


An increase in the price of the produced waste


Reuse of extruded emulsions and oils


Reduction of waste volume


Reduction in storage, handling, labour costs


Increased operational safety


Increased cleanliness of the working environment by modern element of ecological production

What is the output?

Shavings from machining of aluminium, cast iron, steel, other non-ferrous metals and grinding sludge are pressed without the addition of binder into metal briquettes. The briquettes are mechanically resistant, their density is between 60 and 90% of the density of the original material. The briquettes are cylindrical in shape according to the pressing tools used and the type of press, with dimensions up to 140 mm.

What material is suitable?

The suitability of the material for pressing is determined by tests, which are carried out in our testing centre. We will then recommend the most suitable solution according to the results and the conditions of your operation. Tests on a smaller scale are carried out free of charge, for more demanding testing a calculation is issued.



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