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Combustible waste

You can process the waste from your production using briquetting technology and reuse it for the production of your own cheap fuel or for recycling.


By installing a briquetting press or briquetting line.


Possibility to rent some types of machines to test in your operation

What do you get?


Increase the value of your own material and waste


Cheap fuel from your own sources


More comfortable and efficient combustion of waste in the form of briquettes


Reduced material volume for cheaper storage and handling


Reduced dust in production and improved working environment


Energy recovery from plant residues

What is the output?

The output is briquettes that are cylindrical in shape, 50- 65 mm in diameter and up to approximately 80 mm in length.

What material is suitable?

Sawdust, wood shavings, wood dust, dry wood chips. Other materials include paper, hay, straw, crushed energy crops and other dry plant residues such as poppy seeds, chaff, etc. The optimum moisture content of the material is between 8 and 15%. We will determine the suitability of the material by carrying out tests, according to the results of which we will then recommend the appropriate type of machine or the entire process line to suit the conditions of your operation. Tests on a smaller scale are carried out free of charge, for more demanding testing a calculation is issued.



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